Mushroom Atlas

Knowledge of fungal diversity on PEI has been historically limited. In the 2010 chapter Fleshy fungi (Basidiomycota) of the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone1, Nova Scotia listed 1265 species, New Brunswick listed 537 species and PEI listed only 75 species. Currently on iNaturalist there is just just 247 research grade species of macrofungi listed and our knowledge is concentrated in specific areas, with the rest of the province recording less than 10 species per 10km x 10km square.

The goal for the Mushroom Atlas project is to have at least 20 species identified per each of the per 10km x 10km square areas displayed on the map above. The map shows the current status. If you click on any square it will display the full species list below the map, as well as the records for those species as red dots on the map.

How to Participate

Pick a square to explore and take note of what has already been recorded. Go add your observations to iNaturalist!

If you wish to claim a specific square to focus on, you may volunteer by navigating to that square and signing up.

To be included in the area count, each observation must:

  • be identified to species, fellow iNaturalist users can help with this
  • have species identification confirmed (research grade)
  • must have an accuracy distance of 500m or less

1 Malloch, D. 2010. Fleshy fungi (Basidiomycota) of the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone. In Assessment of Species Diversity in the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone. Edited by D.F. McAlpine and I.M. Smith. NRC Research Press, Ottawa, Canada. Pages 107–151.

Click on the map to list the species for a given square.